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to learning.

Who we are

Back in 2008, a group of learners in Heuristic Learning classes held at a local college asked the instructor to meet between class sessions to go over class material. The learners opted to gather at a popular bookstore. The sessions were relaxed, enjoyable and productive. The learning experience was different than that of the classroom interaction. Instead of lecture, there were conversations which learners activitely contributed and often incorporated relevant content external to the course curriculum. Learners found extreme value in these sessions and requested that the sessions be regularly scheduled. The sessions were referred to as Coffee Cup Conversations (C3). These sessions ceased being scheduled for several years. In 2016 the sessions returned but this time out of necessity when learners' regular classes were canceled. This coincided with Heuristic Learning being restructured. The result was C3 becoming a separate entity with its own purpose and being officially launched in 2017.

C3 is a member of the I M Possible, Professional Education Network (PEN)

PEN currently consists of 7 partners:
☕C3 - Micro-Learning Sessions
☕Sketched On A Napkin - Workshops
☕Heuristic Learning - Comprehenive Productivity Classes & Programs
☕Strategos Academy - Comprehensive Strategic Classes & Programs
☕StrategicIsite - Project Management Internships
☕eblackwidow - Technology Internships

What we do

We provide an alternative path to knowledge by offering short learning sessions on specific topics in a casual environment. This differs from the traditional instructor-led, longer session, classroom environment. Our content and delivery consists of smaller, targeted subject matter taught in a conversational style. While the traditional model works well for certain subject matter and appropriate for certain learners, we found that there is opportunity to improve knowledge acquisition with certain subject matter and learners.

Our "short to the point" conversations are powerful enough to make a statement while respecting learners' time and not overwhelming the learner. Our conversations supplement and integrate with the more in-depth instructor-led classes offered by PEN partners.

We can begin a series of conversations at your office specifically tailored to your organizational requirements. If time is tight or workflow is too heavy to have employees away from the office for periods at a time then our conversational learning approach may be an excellent alternative for continuous professional development.

We can have a conversation at a cafe, bookstore, or other location in your area.

How we do it

Only 4 to 6 learners participate in any conversations allowing each learner to contribute to the conversation. We strive to create a relaxed environment to allow participants to be comfortable in their learning process.

The instructor transitions from a lecture-posture to a "facilitator of a dialog". The subliminal wall that separates the instructor and students in a traditional classroom stucture is eliminated creating a more collaborative learning environment.

Session time is devoted to hands-on project work. Participants are required to perform all assigned work in between sessions.
Learners are required to adhere to our rules of conduct and session structure which ensures that the sessions are always efficient and effective.

As a PEN member we are able to leverage the resources from our partners to deliver laser-focused professional development that honors the most valuable resource to professionals and that is time!

When is converational learning impactful?

☕As a follow-up/review session to reinforce a topic covered in comprehenive course
☕When the subject matter can be divided and delivered in smaller components
☕When the learner complete their required assignments between or after sessions
☕When the learner is confident and comfortable learning in a non-traditional classroom environment
☕When the learner's objective is to become familiar with a topic before enrolling in a full course or comprehensive program

Contact Us

To request more information or request a topic you would like to be a part of Coffee Cup Conversations just send us an email. We will have a conversation about it and get back to you. You can reach us at